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Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo
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    • Encounter Endangered Sharks: Witness the world's largest assembly of endangered Sand Tiger sharks.
    • Meet King Croc: A 750kg reptilian monarch from Australia, one of the largest in zoo or aquarium.
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- If you're planning a family trip to Dubai, look no further! Nestled within The Dubai Mall, this attraction offers an unparalleled experience. Housing one of the world's largest aquariums, it's a must-visit for families. Begin your journey with a mesmerizing walk through the 48-meter Aquarium Tunnel on the ground level. The immersive underwater views will leave you in awe. - Ascend to level 2 and step into the Underwater Zoo, a realm divided into three captivating ecological zones: the lush rainforest, the rugged rocky shore, and the dynamic living ocean. Here, you'll have the chance to encounter an array of remarkable creatures. Marvel at the playful otters, observe the razor-toothed piranhas, and admire the vibrant lionfish. Venture deeper to meet the giant spider crabs, observe the delicate seahorses, and witness the mesmerizing garden eels. - As you explore, you'll also come across the intriguing archerfish, the nimble water rats, and the elegant paddlefish. The cichlids, with their vibrant colors, are bound to capture your attention. With 40 individual aquatic displays, there's always something new and fascinating to discover. - Additionally, the Underwater Zoo offers educational insights and interactive experiences for visitors of all ages. Engage in informative sessions and learn about the diverse marine life and their ecosystems. It's an enriching experience that combines fun and education seamlessly. - Don't forget to capture these magical moments with your family. The Dubai Mall's Underwater Zoo is a place where memories are made, where curiosity is sparked, and where the wonders of the aquatic world come to life. Come prepared for a day filled with exploration, learning, and, most importantly, family bonding.

Al Wasl - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
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